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Flow eight

  • 26 sep

  • Charlotte

Everyone says they are ‘green’ — so Clear’s challenge was to prove Nishi’s credentials. With out being preachy Clear set out to create a brand language that was approachable, friendly, humourous and direct. From the use of the colour yellow taken from the colour of recycling bins (beyond green it is yellow), to the immediatacy of the use of ‘Le Corbusier’ a stencil based font, Nishi has an immediate and directly applied feel. The visual language is bold and purposeful. The design intent was informed by our brand strategy process — and was developed to reflect the central brand thought of ‘living in a way that matters’. The applications include the brand mark, ‘Dereks Little Helper’ the sales brochure, the sales tool, art direction of the renders and most recent ad campaign. Other applications included eDMs, tender documents, hoarding, banner ads — oh yes the sales suite.